Petter Rabbit Garden (Recipe!)

Growing up I LOVED “dirt” desserts. The chocolate pudding, the oreos, the secret gummy worms! They’re still one of my favorites and are so easy to make in a pinch. Since Easter is coming up and there’s a lot of hype of Peter Rabbit, I thought I would make mine a Petter Rabbit Garden.

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Potty Training 101

This week we will have a 3 year old and one of my desires for her is to put her in dance once we move to Utah and North Carolina however, all the dance studios require that they are potty trained so I knew I needed to finally bit the bullet and buckle down.

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16 Things to Do in Phoenix with kids!

I am so excited because we have some family coming to Arizona in a few short weeks and they’ve been asking what there is to do. I will admit that there are few things you can do once the weather gets unbearable but despite those few months there is a ton to do in Phoenix!

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Tips and Tricks for Finding FREE Moving Boxes!

Moving is already so expensive. You have to pay for a truck, packing tape, labels, and gas. You have to load and unload the truck and drive the truck and so you’ve already got a massive amount of expensive both financially and physically.

We are moving as grad students living off of loans and so we needed to make our cross country move as cheap as possible. One of the ways we cut down on costs: Moving Boxes! Below I have listed all the places we got free moving boxes from and what we used the boxes for!

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E’s Birth Story

I cannot believe that in a few short weeks I will have a three year old! Where in the world does the time go?


As fast as the time has gone since she was born the months leading up were brutal. I have this theory, I believe that time is slowed down during the last 3 months of pregnancy. Suddenly three months becomes like 18 years. No joke. I am not sure if its because she was my first and so that anticipation was so great or if it was because I in fact was having contractions constantly for those last three months but it was FOREVER. There were a few times we had to go into the hospital to get contractions to stop and then once the doctor gave me the green light NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Can you tell I’m bitter? I remember thinking “great, we are no longer stopping contractions and she can be here this week” and then week after week after week after week passed with nothing. It was finally approaching the weekend before my due date and I had “the” talk with my doctor. I remember saying “I am ready to have this baby so I say we induce” and he said “great, I’ll put you on the schedule” and I promise you (I will get my medical records to prove it) the only reason he conceded was because he was so sick of me coming in for contractions that he was like “lets wrap this up”.

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Where in the World?!

Some of you know, some of you don’t, that my husband is a grad student studying his dreams of becoming a physical therapist. We moved down to Arizona in the summer of 2016 and my goodness was I loving it!

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Robin Egg Easter Cake

*Disclamer: I will admit I was not impressed with the white eggs with blue specks. The blue was few and far between and not something I would recommend unless you know how to add them yourself without the blue being too overwhelming. In the future (on Easter) I will use the blue eggs with black/brown specks*

Easter is coming up and since we will have family in town I wanted to make our dinner a little extra special. I decided to do a naked robin egg cake because its one the kids will enjoy but can also look fancy enough to serve at an Easter dinner.

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March Challenge: Budget

buy me pizza

Time flies when you’re having fun!

I first and foremost want to thank all of you who participated in the February Monthly Challenge! You guys were amazing and it was so heartwarming to hear your stories of you spreading love and kindness all around you.
I took a poll and you guys wanted to budget for March and I am SO excited because we have been living on a budget for the past almost five years and so I love that I get to share some of my tricks and tips with you.

Budgeting is hard but looking at your bank account to make sure you will have enough to pay bills, and realizing that you don’t, is even worse! Each week will be a different challenge. I looked at our bank account and found that this is where money gets spent the most: food (groceries and eating out), clothing, home, and activities.

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